Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lower Jaw Tapering- Angle Reduction/ V-line mandibular Angle Contouring

Tapering the mandible or lower jaw is an important step in facial feminization surgery. Women have more tapered and narrower lower face. Men have considerably prominent jaw line rendering a wide, square face which enhances the masculine features. With these differences, the surgery is essential in transitioning from male to female. Thus, improving femininity and eliminating obvious masculinity.

It allows for reduction of the chin to a more slender and oval shape without increasing its length. The surgery also reduces the overly strong bone flanking each side of the chin, thus transforming the more masculine U shape to a sharper and more feminine V shape. The chin line is excised into a smooth line. The chin end can be brought together without touch of the nerve. The protruding parts in both sides of the mandible are excised. The narrowed chin end produces the wholly oval V-line face type. 

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