Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Malar Bone Reduction/ Cheek Bone Contouring

Cheek Bone Reduction is not a common procedure in transgender individuals among Caucasians, Hispanics or African Americans whose wide cheek structure is regarded as very attractive while in Asian individuals this is a very popular procedure since an oval-shaped face is considered to be more aesthetically pleasing and desirable.

Reduction Malarplasty is performed on patients with large cheek bones by either of two techniques. The first involves using a special drill to burr down or shave the excess bone at the zygomatic arch, the bony ridge that extends from beneath the eye socket along side the skull lateral to the temporal fossa. The second involves cutting out an appropriate amount of the zygomatic anterior arch, rotating or turning the lateral arch inward and securing with a small plate and two tiny screws. Both approaches maybe use depending on the problem.

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